public speaking

for Students, school leaders, & Adults


These classes will empower students to feel confident, to articulate their ideas for friends and family, as well as to speak more formally in front of peers in the classroom or the workplace. Training is equally focused on the art of speech delivery as well as speech writing. Together we will master both vocal modulation and non-verbal communication.



These sessions are the perfect opportunity for school leaders to enhance their leadership skills and to speak confidently at school events such as Governing Council, assemblies, and meeting and greeting vips. 

Schools are welcome to book a session for their school leaders or for those students who are applying for school leadership roles. 


Looking to fine tune your next work pitch or conference presentation? You have the content but your delivery needs work? 

According to research, a great presentation is 7% content, 38% voice and 55% non-verbal communication. 

I offer personal and group sessions to help with your vocal and non-verbal delivery, team building and personal development. These sessions are high energy and fun and will throw you out of your comfort zone – but in a good way!! 


Tom attended speech lessons with Annabelle and Voice it to gain confidence when presenting to school classes, talking to adults, and to learn skills he can use later in life at job interviews.
When we were at school, we did not get the opportunities to gain these skills so we decided it would benefit Tom and signed him up but he was not so sure.
Annabelle was able to meet with Tom during school lunchtime, which made an already hectic after school routine easier.
Once Tom had written his “Year 9 Rite Journey presentation” Annabelle worked with him and he learned a variety of techniques including how to structure a speech, how to project his voice, and how to sound compelling. They worked together to articulate and improve his ability to deliver the speech.
When we attended Tom’s Rite Journey presentation the improvements in eye contact and confidence gained from the Voice it lessons were clearly evident.
On completing the lessons Tom then realised the benefits of attending the lessons and how they had assisted him in his preparation and delivery of his presentation.
We would recommend Voice it lessons for anyone who wants to develop their presentation skills and gain confidence in public speaking

Natasha Quinton, Tom’s mum, Clare High School


Due to social media, more content is being shared via audio and video platforms than ever before. In 2020, 68 million people listened to podcasts every week in America alone and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Podcasts are great outlets to entertain and engage listeners and they also build brand affinity. There are millions of podcasters out there that are self-taught. Make sure, if you start a podcast, you do it well! Voice it can give you the basic skills to put a podcast together. I can help with your delivery, your interview style and the equipment you need to record and edit. 

I’m also available to present and produce your podcasts for your business

Find the latest Voice it podcasts here


Public speaking competitions are a great opportunity for students to put their skills to the test and fly the SA flag on the national stage. 


Lions Youth of the Year  
This is a great opportunity for 15-19 year olds to participate in interview and public speaking events. The national winner receives $5000!

Rostrum Voice of Youth
Open to 11-18 year olds

Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition
Open to 12-14 year olds

Voice SA
Open to Year 7-10. It’s more than a public speaking competition. Participants need to propose solutions to pressing global issues that matter to them, and answer questions to defend the feasibility of their solution.

Interview Skills

No matter what path we take in life, at some point, we will have to do a job interview. Preparation and practice is imperative.You may have the qualifications to suit your ideal job, but if you can’t articulate and speak with confidence, you may miss out.  

We will work on vocal and non-verbal communication skills, (eye contact is so important!), how to answer questions succinctly and clearly, but also learn to ask the right questions to show you’re genuinely interested in this job.

These sessions will be fun and dynamic involving impromptu work, mock interviews and how to sell your self without going ‘over the top’.